Nothin’ But A Good Time


Nothin’ But A Good Time

by Will Argeros


This was an article I contemplated not writing. I have no skin in the game as far as getting another DJ shift or specialty show for next year because I’ll be graduating over the summer. But as I drifted off to sleep, I started thinking I won’t have the chance to do this again, and I know I would regret it.

In a way I was Already Gone and I would’ve left the Blaze as Another Brick In The Wall. Now, usually, I don’t give a damn about a Bad Reputation, but this station has become a second family to me, and I thought it was important to give a fitting farewell to a place that’s helped me Come Together with amazing people.

Being so close to being done has me a little Dazed and Confused. It’s been a lot of Fun, Fun, Fun. Actually, it’s been the Time of My Life but now I’ve got to go, gotta leave you all behind. To be honest, I’m left feeling Comfortably Numb thinking about saying Bye, Bye, Bye.

So this is how I choose to Bring it On Home. You might Bang Your Head when you realize what I’ve done but I guess that’s why they say Every Rose Has Its Thorn. Mine is to ride a highway to the Danger Zone making as many song references as possible along the way.

Music is great for many reasons and this is one of them. If there’s something in your life that’s nearing an end, Let It Go. The Show Must Go On and songs can help you make peace with that.

Sometimes it’s Good Riddance. Sometimes you just Go Your Own Way. Whatever happens, the music will be there to give you a Peaceful Easy Feeling; it will Never Give You Up.

Listen To The Music when the going gets tough because you can interpret it Any Way You Want It. Trust me, it helps.