Finals Week: A Playlist

by Louisa Stanwich

Below is a playlist that captures the essence of finals week and the journey of everyone who is struggling through it.

Hard Knock Life- Jay Z 

Because honestly, at the end of the semester it is a hard knock life. Your professors have given you more homework in the last week than they’ve given you all semester, you have finals to study for, friends to say goodbye to, rooms to clean and pack, and still try to look like you got at least one hour of sleep.


Do You Believe in Magic? – The Lovin’ Spoonful 

So you’re stuck sitting there, asking yourself if magic is real because at this point…


Totally F*cked- Spring Awakening

You’re totally F*#ed.


Dancing Through Life- Wicked 

You really just want to “stop studying strife and learn to live “the unexamined life”…


Sleeping In- Postal Service 

Well, that and sleep in.


Sleep All Day- Jason Mraz 

If you could, you’d probably just sleep all week.


The Lazy Song- Bruno Mars 

And you definitely don’t feel like picking up your phone, but unfortunately, your voice mailbox is full because you’re too lazy to delete the other messages people left when you didn’t feel like picking up their calls either.


School’s Out- Alice Cooper 

Besides sleep, the only other thing you actually want to do is sing this song’s brilliant lyrics at the top of your lungs like Alice Cooper.


Home-Blake Shelton 

And maybe go home because you miss your family, having access to a car, and more importantly, real food.


The Tide is High- Blondie

I guess you could say the tide is pretty high right now with all the things you have to worry about but remember you’re not the kind of girl (or boy) who gives up just like that.


Survivor- Destiny’s Child

Once those finals are done you’ll be stronger and you will be A SURVIVOR like Beyoncé.

Believe me and Destiny’s Child when we say YOU’RE GONNA MAKE IT.