Artist to Watch: Years & Years


Artist to Watch: Years & Years

by Kara Curtin

photo from Years & Years’ Twitter


A few tracks by Years & Years have been added to the Blaze’s Megaseg, and if you’re not excited about that you definitely should be. The London-dwelling trio of twenty-somethings has gained a surge of publicity and a promising following in the past few months.

They attribute their inspiration to Diplo, Radiohead and Flying Lotus, and that bizarre combination has created several 90s-esque dance tunes that will undoubtedly get you tapping your foot. The mellow electro-pop group consists of former actor Olly Alexander delivering the vocals, Mikey Goldsworthy rocking the bass, and Emre Turkmen mastering the synth.

Starting up in 2010, Years & Years didn’t release their first single until “I Wish I Knew” in 2012. They’ve dropped a handful of successful singles since then, and really hit it big with “Desire” in December 2014. Just in 2015 alone, the trio won MTV’s Woodie award for “Artist to Watch,” and BBC’s title “Sound of 2015.” The well deserving group has churned out a unique and contagious sound that has been attracting fans since 2012.

Every song is a song that is so catchy, you wish you knew the words the first time you hear it because you so badly want to sing along and bop your head. The lyrics are captivating and memorable, seeming to focus mostly on relationships gone wrong. Their tracks are the perfect balance of slow dance beats, a bit of synth and powerful lyrics that create a sensual R&B vibe that you’ll just have to hear to truly understand. Years & Years’ singles are begging to be messed around with d by a few EDM artists; their exotic new sound is the perfect candidate for some killer remixes.

The band is well on its way to fame in both the United Kingdom and United States. With their quirky personalities and clear knack for deriving hit after hit, the only thing that needs a bit of work is their music videos. Only five are on their official VEVO page, and admittedly they are a bit awkward and nothing more than mediocre.

This is the perfect time to jump on the Years & Years bandwagon because they are moments away from releasing their first full album, “Communion” on June 22. We’ve been graced by a few tracks that will be featured on the album already via SoundCloud and YouTube, but the rest of the piece remains a secret.

Years & Years has hit the ground running, and I’d encourage you to catch up. It’s safe to say that they’re going to be around a while, and worth checking out now. You’ll be sure to hear a bit more of them featured on Blaze radio in the future.