Honor Bright: “Arizona” and “Waiting For The End”

Honor bright az

Honor Bright

“Arizona” and “Waiting For The End”

by Meghan Mcnamara


Do you remember the first show or concert you went to that captivated you? The first time you saw your favorite band? That’s what Honor Bright from Syracuse, New York is for me. They formed in 2006 and that is when I saw them right before their first album, Build Hearts From Stars, and never looked back. I stopped counting how many times I saw them after 40, that’s how wrapped up I was. Then in 2011, my heart broke when they announced the end of Honor Bright, and after a very emotional farewell show at The Lost Horizon, I thought Honor Bright was done for good.

Until now. On April 3rd they released two new tracks titled “Arizona” and “Waiting For The End,” and a flood of fond memories came back to me of growing up with these 5 guys and how I would not be the person I am without them. After almost 5 years, they never skipped a beat.

“Arizona” is an upbeat pop-punk ode to getting older, and “Waiting For The End” is reminiscent of their last album, Action! Drama! Suspense!.

Honor Bright brings something different to the table for me. A lot of bands have two vocalists, but the difference between Liam DiCosimo’s melodic vocals, which can only be compared to that of Taking Back Sunday’s Adam Lazzara, combined with guitarist Tim Paige’s scratchier vocals blend so well that they stand out from other bands that I would compare them to such as Taking Back Sunday or early Fall Out Boy. Backed by the incredible talent of guitarist Ryan Gilmore, drummer Curt Henry, and bass player Anthony (Tone) Merritt, they are unstoppable together. Their collective chemistry, talent, and love of music makes them a band to not pass up, and I can’t wait to see what yet to come from these amazingly talented guys.