Artist to Watch: Geographer


Artist to Watch: Geographer

by Jenny Tapiz


On March 23, 2015 Geographer will be releasing their new album called Ghost Modern.

Geographer is an American indie rock band based in San Francisco, California in 2007 by singer/song writer Michael Deni. On March 15th, Downtown Phoenix had the pleasure to have him perform at the Crescent Ballroom.

Geographer has also released two full-length albums, Innocent Ghosts in 2008 and Myth in 2012; one extended-play album, Animal Shapes in 2010; and a 7″ single, “Kites,” in 2009.

Deni’s creative story started in New Jersey where he found himself writing a lot of song in his mother’s basement. But with no artistic escape, Deni felt that he had to get out and explore a more art-oriented city. His mind was set for Brooklyn, but after talking to couple of his friends who lived in San Francisco and who invited him to stay at their house, his plans of moving to Brooklyn changed. Deni’s friends flew from San Francisco to pick him up and take him to their house.

With a new chapter in his life, Deni began to explore his mind in his new city. While Deni slept where ever his friends had space, he focused on song writing. Deni then found on the street the treasure that starter his musical career…his first synthesizer. Deni started to use his synthesizer and soon after he took his work to open night mics where he meet his original touring band.

With a band came a name “Aerosol”.

Geographer was called Aerosol first but with a law suit threat by one of his fellow San Francisco local bands, Deni had to drop Aerosol name to Geographer.

Geographer was a metaphor to what Denis sees as song writing.

“Geographers maps out new territory, but it is an imperfect representation of the place. But it is also more informative than just standing there and looking at bunch of trees. A song is an imperfect abstraction of an emotion, but you can also get more meaning from it because of the particular lyrics that you choose or the instrumentation that you choose.” Said Deni. And with that thought in mind, Deni saw a link between the two concepts of song writing and exploring new territories.

“Geographer is also a cool word” said Deni.

Geographer started touring and his band started to get serious. Everyone always knows what work was the one that exploded their fame and for Geographer Kites on the Animal Shapes album was his shoot to fame.

“This song was the difference between fantasy and reality” said Dani.

When performing, Deni’s really wants to manage to stay authentic to himself and to his personality. He wants to make his audience feel who he is when he performs.

“I am trying to find my way back to myself while I perform” said Deni. Which is actually really hard commented Deni.

At the end of the night, Geographer literally had such a killer performance that had all the audience red cup in the air!

And if this article didn’t get catch you curiosity…Man you gotta check them out then! Because you are missing out.