Artist to Watch: Dylan Gardner


Artist to Watch: Dylan Gardner

by Vanessa Herb


Dylan Gardner is an 18-year-old who spent some of his young life growing up here in the valley. He went to Brophy College Preparatory until his sophomore year, when he decided to leave high school and pursue music.

Since then, he has moved to Los Angeles to fulfill his dreams and in 2014 got signed to Warner Bros, soon after releasing an album called Adventures in Real Time.

adventures in real time cover

Dylan’s genre is pop-rock, and he is inspired by artists like The Beatles, Ben Folds, and Vampire Weekend. He is a multi-instrumentalist with an incredible voice that solidifies his reputation for being unique in what he does.

He is truly an old soul, and I had the pleasure of seeing him on February 8th at Crescent Ballroom for the first show of his “Let’s Get Started” tour. His live energy is unlike any other artist, and he is one of the most humble singer/songwriters I have ever had the pleasure to meet.

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I have a feeling that Dylan Gardner is going to be huge in the near future, and that is why he deserves to be this week’s Artists to Watch.