Spotlight: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club



Spotlight: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

by Shania Alba


Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, a band based out of San Francisco, California, have been around since the late 1990s. Their influences come mostly from classic rock bands and late 1970s rock artists, and the major elements of their sound are loud drums and a heavy bass, a perfect combination for blasting out of speakers. They have released seven albums, all of which have a punk rock style that was not very receptive by most radio stations in the country. In recent years, though, they have been recognized by media, and their songs appeared in movies and commercials. For example, their song “Done All Wrong” appeared in the Twilight: New Moon movie and soundtrack. With that being said, they have become more popular in the past five years, which is really awesome because they put a lot of work into their songs before recording them in studio. Black Rebel is great band for anyone; although they are known for mainly a punk sound, they have mellow and calm tunes that are great for any occasion.

BRMC have a Facebook page, YouTube account, Spotify account, iTunes account, and their own website, so it is very easy to find their music if one is interested.