OVO on the Rise


OVO on the Rise

by Ivan Rodriguez


Drake has been known for making many award-winning albums and has landed many of his singles onto the billboard charts. But what most people do not pay attention to for the most part are his mixtapes.

He has a big presence on YouTube and will post new singles to his page and let them sit there for a while until someone starts to pick them up and listen. His label, OVO, also has its own separate page where you can find more music from the people who Drake signed himself and are up-and-coming artists.

Most recently, OVO released a track from ILOVEMAKONNEN featuring Drake called “Tuesday,” a song that was heard all over the nation whether it was in nightclubs or the bars.

Nobody had ever known of this artist before Drake had signed him, and many people were curious as to why that was. After looking more intoILOVEMAKONNEN, it is obvious that this artist born in Los Angeles has a lot of talent and that the future looks very bright for him, especially with a label like OVO, not to mention the backing of one of the biggest names in hip-hop right now: Drake.