Vance Joy at The Marquee Theatre


Vance Joy at The Marquee Theatre 11/24

by Amanda Foster


Vance Joy played a spiritual concert that exceeded most people’s expectations at the Marquee Theater in Tempe Monday.

Jaymes Young played as the opening act, setting the scene for a night of indie pop for everyone to enjoy. As 8:30 approached, crazed fans pushed to get to the front as the Australian musician best known as Vance Joy set foot on stage.

Not a household name yet but on the rise, Vance Joy started his musical journey just last year in 2013. He released his first album just three months ago and since then has not stopped topping the charts. He started his first tour, the Dream Your Life Away Tour, on October 17th in Dallas, and just one month later, it was announced he would be serving as Taylor Swift’s opening act for her world tour starting next year.

His rhythmic sounds, unique from anyone else’s I have heard, surrounded me as he played his best-selling record Dream Your Life Away. Interacting with the crowd and thanking them after each and every song for his unbelievable success, Vance Joy had girls swooning after getting just a glimpse of him, all eager to get a photo while he sang. Yes, I was fan-girling as well, but it was hard not to. Each song was so personal, and he sang with such compassion as he smirked with his quirky smile every time girls screamed for him to look their way. His songs created a quixotic, meditative, acoustic folk-pop mold that lasted the entire show.

Multiple times he switched from guitar to ukulele and back to guitar. It was actually an astonishing amount of times he changed, which just which just showed how incredibly musically inclined he is. His songs were more than a hit, hypnotizing people with his matchless and idyllic voice. It was honestly hard not to fall in love with someone so grateful and passionate about what he was doing. With his sweet harmonies and strong build, the short 45-minute concert was a soulful experience one will not forget.