Tegan & Sara at The Marquee Theatre


Tegan & Sara at The Marquee Theatre 11/17

by Amanda Luberto


Tegan & Sara had their second-to-last show of their tour on Monday in Tempe, Arizona at Marquee Theatre with openers The Courtney’s and WATERS.

The Courtney’s came out first with their three-piece girl band that the audience later finds out has a member who is Tegan & Sara Quinn’s cousin. They perform five or six songs, including one that they bring out two members of the tour crew to close out their set.

They had a good sound, very female Ramones-y style, but they definitely sounded premature. The band has tremendous potential, but I felt like they were missing something throughout their entire set. I’m excited to see what they give us in the future & I would love to see them tour with someone like Haim or Secret Someone.

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WATERS came on next, and they were bursting with energy. Their set and lights has the most color I’ve seen by an opening band in a long time, and they were the perfect band to pump you up. The lead singer, Van Pierszalowski, danced with an acoustic guitar attached to him more than any man I’ve ever seen. WATERS surprised me throughout their whole show, and I already had pretty high expectations.

They’ve been traveling with bands including Weezer, Cold War Kids, Smallpools, Magic Man & of course, Tegan and Sara in the past few months alone. On top of all of that, they’ve been releasing more music as they go along!! I would like to see them tour with Grouplove on their next tour, and everyone should go check out their song “I Feel Everything” and their hit “Got to my Head.”

Then the long waited moment: Tegan and Sara Quinn took the stage after a 1 and a half-minute robotic sounding introduction. They opened the show with “Drove Me Wild” off their most recent album Heartthrob that came out in January of 2013. They preformed three more songs off their newest record before taking a break to talk to the audience and the only way to describe the Quinn twins is charismatic.

They thanked the audience over and over again before breaking into “Monday, Monday, Monday” and a few other songs from their older CDs. This to me was the most important part. I was really hopeful that they would notice their audience and play more songs that aren’t on Heartthrob, even though it’s a great album it was pretty safe to say that the majority of the audience liked them before that one, and that’s exactly what they did!

Next came the most exciting part of the show for me. Sara stopped Tegan mid sentence and simply said “I want to challenge you to something, Tegan.” With these twins, you never know what that could mean. She goes on to say how Tegan hasn’t performed “Nineteen” in a while because it hasn’t been on their set list, but how much Sara loves hearing her sing it. So, she challenges her sister to sing an acoustic version of one of their most popular songs. With just two acoustic guitars and two voices, Tegan & Sara do a rendition of “Nineteen” that both gave the audience chills and that I’ll never forget.

As if that couldn’t get any better, they followed it up by singing my favorite song “Alligator.”

The girls play a few more songs and banter back and forth about how honored they are to be up on stage and the experiences they’ve had on the last leg of their tour. They announced their band focusing on the amount of facial hair each one had, in what situation they would want the member to rescue them, then, of course, what instrument they played. Their cute sisterly conversation eventually bloomed into them arguing about who was the stronger sister (Tegan can lift Sara but not vice versa, for the record,) and it was spectacular to watch them chat like cute sisters do.

They went back into playing music, a mix of new and old and right before the ended the show with “Closer,” they announced that they’re going back into the studio right after they finish their tour and hope to have something out by mid-to-late 2015 and a new tour on the road by 2016.

Their encore included three songs from their album So Jealous that is celebrating its 10-year anniversary this year. Tegan & Sara ended the show for good with “Where Does the Good Go,” saying it was the song that got them on the map, and they enjoy finishing their shows with it as a reminder of how far they’ve come.

So rarely does a band play such a diverse set list or every song you wanted to hear that night, but Tegan and Sara did not disappoint.


Set List

  1. Drove Me Wild
  2. Sentimental Tune
  3. I’m Not Your Hero
  4. I Couldn’t Be Your Friend
  5. Monday, Monday, Monday
  6. Back In Your Head
  7. Dark Come Soon
  8. Walking With a Ghost
  9. Goodbye, Goodbye
  10. I Was A Fool
  11. Nineteen (acoustic)
  12. Alligator
  13. Shock To Your System
  14. How Come You Don’t Want Me
  15. The Con
  16. Call It Off
  17. Now I’m All Messed Up
  18. Living Room
  19. Closer


  1. So Jealous (Remix)
  2. I Know, I Know, I Know
  3. Where Does The Good Go