Artist to Watch: State Champs

state champs

Artist to Watch: State Champs

by Alaina Nevarez


If you love pop-punk, you will love State Champs. If you love acoustic tunes, with a great vocalist, you will love State Champs. State Champs are a pop-punk band from Albany, NY, who released their debut full-length studio album last October. From that point on, they took off. This last year has been filled with nonstop touring for the band—they kicked off 2014 by opening for We Are The In Crowd on the Reunion Tour and soon after headed to the UK in May before spending the summer on the 2014 Vans Warped Tour. Finally, before heading out on the Pure Noise Tour, they journeyed around Australia, Japan, and New Zealand with Neck Deep. The band plants to finish out the year on New Found Glory’s Pop-punk’s Not Dead Tour in the UK.


As you can see, 2014 has been a busy year for the band and there is no surprise as to why. The band has fun range of songs, well written lyrics, and clear musical talent. Front man, Derek Discanio, has clear, clean, and strong vocals. These are clearly seen through the band’s latest release, The Acoustic Things, an acoustic EP composed of five songs from the band’s debut record, The Finer Things, and two brand new songs. If you aren’t looking for something so heavy but still want those catchy pop-punk tunes, I suggest you check out this EP. It is available for streaming on Spotify or for purchase on iTunes.


I was fortunate enough to catch their show in Mesa, Arizona, at the Nile Theatre last week. The band is currently co-headlining The Pure Noise tour with Hand Guns, which has sold out several shows across the nation so far. This is not a shocker, especially if you have seen them live before: As soon as they come on stage and the music starts, the fans are pumped and ready for an evening of some of their favorite songs. The band started the show with fast, upbeat crowd favorite, “Nothing’s Wrong.” They played a variety of songs from The Finer Things, as well as old favorites such as “Stick Around” and “We Are The Brave.” Songs new and old, the crowd knew every word. The crowd pushed, shoved, raised their hands in the air, crowd surfed, and gave it their all during the band’s entire performance. As the band left the stage, the crowd chanted for just one more song. With this, State Champs came out and played a two song encore. This included the acoustic song, “If I’m Lucky” off of their October acoustic EP release and hit “Critical” from The Finer Things.


Not only can State Champs put on an A+ show and make a killer record, but they are real people who take the time for the people who support their music. After almost every show they make sure to hang out to meet fans. I got a chance to meet the band at Warped Tour this past summer, and again after their show last week. Whether you want talk music, sports, life in general, or get your copy of their record signed, the guys are up for talks. Have any questions for the band? Head over to their tumblr ( or send them a message on twitter (@State_Champs).

2014, has been an jam-packed, but great year for the band.  “We’ll come back soon. We got to write a new record first though,” said guitarist Tyler Szalkowski. We will be looking forward for what the future holds for the band and the new music to come with it. This band is solid, and I suggest taking the time to listen to their music. Listen on your drive home from school or work, on a road trip with friends, as you surf the web, but wherever you decide to listen, do it soon, because you will not regret it.