Ringworm: An Interview


Ringworm: An Interview

by Tom Kushibab


Over the past decade, much has been made of the blurring of lines between metal and hardcore genres. Though the one may seem indistinguishable from the other in 2014, there was a point in time not very long ago when fans of hardcore wanted nothing to do with the trappings of metal, and vice versa. Metalcore – a defiantly professed melding of the two once-hostile camps – emerged as a viable musical genre thanks to the early success of bands like Killswitch Engage, Unearth, and Shadows Fall. Much of the credit for laying metalcore’s foundations has been attributed to the work of Converge, particularly their watershed album Jane Doe. All due respect to Converge and their ravenous fans, but my hat is thrown in with Cleveland, Ohio’s hardcore-metal-hybrid-heroes Ringworm. Formed in 1989, Ringworm has consistently released a brand of hardcore punk with a viscous metallic edge, always drawing inspiration from both sides of the table yet never fully adhering to the generic expectations of either. With Hammer of the Witch – the band’s sixth full-length release and first for Relapse Records – Ringworm are touring more than ever and exposing unsuspecting audiences to their wrath. On October 21st I got a chance to speak with the band’s lone original member, the aptly named Human Furnace, after the band’s performance at the new Club Red in Mesa. Listen. Laugh. Respect. Hail the ‘worm.



Ringworm is:

  • James “Human Furnace” Bulloch – Vocals
  • Matt Sorg – Guiatrs
  • John Comprix – Guitars
  • Ed Stephens – Bass
  • Danny Zink – Drums