The Maine at The Rhythm Room


The Maine at The Rhythm Room on 10/15

by Samantha Battaglini 


The Maine played an impromptu show at The Rhythm Room in Phoenix, AZ on October 15th. A band called This Century played a very short set before The Maine came on and served as their opener.

The Maine is a five-piece American rock band that formed in none other than Tempe, AZ back in 2007. Their intimate hometown show at The Rhythm Room was sold out before the band or the venue even officially announced the show on either of their websites; it was met with much excitement. As soon as they started playing, everyone in the room started grooving, and this only escalated as the show went on. “Love & Drugs” off the band’s 2014 album, Forever Halloween, was the opening song. The Rhythm Room is a very low-key venue, and it made for a show with a lot of ambiance—no distracting lights or caricature, just the band’s uncanny musical talent. It fit The Maine very well, as they recorded their last album through analog tape without the use of any computer editing technology. They played three songs before even introducing themselves, not that they needed an introduction.

Covered in smiles and sweat, the band continuously made themselves and the audience feel comfortable. They dragged an audience member who was wearing a bow tie on stage as the band awed at his fashion sense, only right before the lead singer, John, threw on a woman’s curly brunette wig and rocked out. You could hear “I love you!” being shouted from the audience frequently throughout the show. The Maine even broke down into their own rendition of “Bittersweet Symphony.” John, the lead singer, frequently stopped to engage the audience, ask us how we were doing, or to tell us to “loosen up, baby.” They were constantly interacting with audience and each other. The concert was only $3, and the band explained they wanted to make up for their set getting cut short at the Summer Ends Music Festival a couple weekends ago, as the festival was rained out and had to be moved into a smaller indoor venue. The entire band stayed afterwards to talk to everyone, sign autographs, and just hang out—I didn’t meet one band member who didn’t immediately thank me for coming to see them. The Maine is by far the most genuine group of musicians I’ve had the opportunity to see live. If you ever get the chance to see The Maine live, it is 100% worth the time and money spent.


Photo courtesy of WikiCommons