False North: An Interview

COTMA False North

False North: An Interview

by Jess Swarner


False North, made up of Sean Wilson (vocals/guitar,) Ryan Orr (guitar,) Conner Libera (bass/vocals,) and Gregory Grandlienard (drums,) recently released their single, “Minnesota,” on Spotify and iTunes and also have other songs available for listening on Soundcloud. Grandlienard is currently studying abroad in Australia for the semester, so the remaining members will be writing songs and posting acoustic sessions to their Facebook to keep their fans satisfied. When Grandlienard returns, they will focus on recording and resume playing live shows. The indie rock band from Flagstaff dropped by The Blaze studio on Saturday to chat with DJ Jess and share acoustic songs “Wolves” and “Confetti.” The guys talk about how False North came together and how they plan to grow in the future, as well as their excitement for the upcoming Arctic Monkeys show.