Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness: “Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness”


Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness

Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness

[Vanguard Records, 2014]

by Olivia Khiel


Over the years, Andrew McMahon has traveled through various incarnations of his music, through Something Corporate to Jack’s Mannequin and now settling in to his new musical endeavor, Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness.

This new project released their self-titled debut album on Tuesday, and it is indeed worth picking up. McMahon shows a new side of himself with this record, focusing on topics such as raising his daughter (“Cecilia and the Satellite”) and married life, as well as waxing nostalgic on tracks like “Halls” (which contains a fantastic tribute to Arizona.)

Fans of McMahon’s previous work are going to fall in love all over again, as the album captures pieces of Something Corporate and Jack’s Mannequin and combines them with the maturity that McMahon has gained over his many years making music.

Overall, Wilderness is a fantastic new direction for McMahon. Every track tells a story, the instrumentals are solid, and this is a sound that he will hopefully continue exploring for a long while, as it seems there is a lot to say.