Mosco Rosco, Knox Hamilton, and Colony House at Pub Rock


Mosco Rosco, Knox Hamilton, and Colony House at Pub Rock

by Taylor Gilliam


Nothing says dedication quite like walking down a dark alley to get to the promised back door (and, thus, minor-legal) entrance of a bar for a small-name show. But nothing is quite worth it, either. The little venues are the ones that offer the intimacy, the intense sound, and the whole experience of live music, and I wouldn’t have chosen to see Mosco Rosco, Knox Hamilton, and Colony House any other way.

Los Angeles-based Mosco Rosco took the stage first, the crowd curious to hear what these guys had to offer, and they soon found their sound is as fun as vocalist Pete Harper’s colorful patterned pants. The group has found a happy medium between old school groove and modern indie pop, citing Talking Heads and Michael Jackson’s Off the Wall as a huge inspiration. Had the crowd been larger, it would have been a dancing crowd. To say the least, I was impressed; this is definitely a band to watch. Their track, “I Wanna Love You,” is currently the only one available online.


Up next was Knox Hamilton, another band who loves their synthesizer and was a nice transition into the more rock-influenced tunes. Their sound, also drawing a lot from various types of percussion and unexpected other instruments, is perfectly summed up by Spotify: “road trip-ready.” The set, though mostly unfamiliar, delivered. And you bet I danced like crazy and belted out every word to “Work It Out,” which was extra fun because it sounds so polished digitally but thrillingly fervent live.


After a short break during which I had the pleasure of meeting a few of the musicians, headliner Colony House introduced themselves to the excited crowd who was even more lively after the two energetic sets. Maybe it was the way Will got totally into his drums-playing or how Caleb and Scott playfully bumped into each other, but the performance felt like pure fun for all of us in the bar. It was definitely honest as well: Caleb shared that he had written a song for his woman and how much he was going to miss her, and he told us, “I view life as either on top of the mountain…or at the bottom looking up.” The best part was hearing “Waiting for My Time to Come” and “Silhouettes,” my two favorite tracks, in a row.


All three bands were so stoked to have their fans come see them, which isn’t something you see across all genres of music. Go to a small show sometime to see what I mean. Because where else would you go to see your heroes get excited about you?