Gospel Claws, Party Gardens, and The Gentle Hits at The Crescent Ballroom

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Gospel Claws, Party Gardens, and The Gentle Hits at The Crescent Ballroom 

by Sydney Maki


The charisma and old fashioned rebellious fun of local indie-rock bands, Gospel Claws, The Gentle Hits, and Party Gardens, impressed the crowds of Crescent Ballroom on Wednesday, September 10th, as they took the local stage alongside The Gentle Hits and Garden Party.

Audience members modeled classic hipster favorites, like high-waisted shorts, Chuck Taylors, and modish tattoos. Ranging from teens to mid-thirties, the group bobbed along to the rhythmic guitar and drums of the three Tempe-based projects with roots in their mother band, Deer in the Headlights.

Party Gardens won over the young music-goers quickly with upbeat melodies that escalated as band members made their ways into the masses until ultimately inviting the audience on stage to close the first of two opening acts. As self-identified artists in the genre of “Psychedelic Surf Rock R&B Hip Hop Math Tech Classical Core,” Party Gardens wooed with their charismatic charm and beach party tunes.

In comparison with the other two bands, The Gentle Hits provided The Crescent Ballroom with mellower tunes that shifted the atmosphere from garage band angst to a more acoustic sound. The Crescent Ballroom performance was a shy but promising first show, although an odd stage setup prevented a portion of the under 21 section a clear view of the band.

Gospel Claws consists of Joel Marquard, Sloan Walters, Scott Hall, John Mulhern, and Jef Wright, Tempe-based artists who introduced the perfect amount of indie-rock to the Crescent Ballroom stage, intermixed with rebellious chair flipping, drum beating, and uncontrolled flailing. Overall, the experience was satisfactory: exactly what was to be expected of a Wednesday night indie- rock concert in downtown Phoenix. The Crescent Ballroom remains an amazing venue for local bands to share their talent and experiences in order to enhance the downtown community.