Wolf Gang: “Black River EP”


Wolf Gang

Black River – EP

[Cherrytree Records, 2014]

by Nikita Satapathy


Wolf Gang is one of the latest gems that the UK has provided to the music world. In the same league as MGMT and Arcade Fire, Wolf Gang is the perfect blend of joyous and melancholy, and their newest EP, Black River, builds up anticipation for their sophomore album.

“Black River,” the title track, is infectious and memorable. The lyrics plead for salvation and acceptance, a contrast to the optimism conveyed by the guitars and piano in the background. Never has regret sounded so sweet. “Back to Life” praises lovers and is triumphant and all counts in regards to romance. “Last Bayou” is a seasonally perfect summer transition track with great vocals by lead singer Max McElligott and a memorable melody. The EP ends with “Black River – La’Reda Remix”, a reminder that Wolf Gang is back to conquer after their fantastic debut album, Suego Faults.

Sure, the EP is only four tracks. But in this day and age, the number does not matter; it all depends on the heart and soul of the tracks themselves. Wolf Gang delivers a valuable EP that is passionate and catchy and all the more extraordinary.