Study Sessions – The Songs That Always End Up Being Played


By: Alexandra Watts


It seems that every study session is wrought with a few things – procrastination, distractions, readings, textbooks, and the inevitable music that supplements the frustration of the studier.


Music taste is as unique as your DNA, and different people react differently to different music when studying. It would be hard to come up with a complete essential playlist to get you through studying. For example, I would have Wu-Tang and Ann-Margret (both artists who love the dashes, I must say) on mine, while Hannah, a friend of mine who is currently studying, might have Celtic Woman and Johnny Cash on hers.


However, I feel as if there are certain types of tracks that are inevitable when studying. Below, here are some common types that seem to make their way into the music that accompanies studying.

    • The indie-rock song B-side – I dedicate this one to Taylor. Every sing playlist has that song that is paradoxically one that everybody and nobody has heard of. The band can either be an indie one who has a song on a car commercial, or a band that will soon have a song in an inspirational ad for an internet company. The song is catchy and familiar enough to not interfere with your studying, but not super familiar where you have a need to have a dance party.
    • The instrumental song – This song has no words. None. The words are the instruments, man. That was deep, I think. I’m deep, I think. As you can see, I get off track a lot. The instrumental track is a great way to gain back focus. Once you get to this song, it usually falls under the genre of jazz or classical. Whatever floats your boat is cool, because the instrumental song category does not discriminate…unless the song has lyrics.


  • The “I HAVE NO IDEA HOW I KNOW THIS SONG” – Music should make you think. Sometimes you think, “Gee, how did this song even make it on my playlist?” You have no idea where this song came from, what year it was made in, or anything about it. It’s a mystery. However, you just can’t get rid of it. Maybe you’ll learn to love it, but in realistic probability, you’ll keep this song on your playlist and never learn about it.
  • The nineties throwback – Why is that everybody is suddenly a ’90s kid? Even individuals who were not even born in the ’90s are calling themselves citizens of a generation that was inhabited by Ace of Base and dELia*s catalogues. This song is either one that is usually sung along to at karaoke or a grunge track. (Maybe, both?)
  • The oldies song – Okay, so many people think many things when they hear the word “oldies.” Some people consider anything pre-Beatles to be oldies, and some people think anything in 2011 is oldies. For this sake, anything before 1970 is how we will classify it for now. This might be a classic rock song by a group other than The Beatles or a Motown song that your parents used to play over and over and over and over again.
  • The song your friend makes you listen to – This song doesn’t even go here! If you’re studying in a group and talking (naughty), or studying in a group and Facebook messaging (naughty), there’s always the song that gets shared. While studying, you really don’t have time to forge an opinion on the song, but you listen to it, because new music is the best. Later, you will probably go back to it and fall in love with it. Then, you’ll introduce it to somebody else when they study.
  • The Disney song – Whether this song is from an old-school hit that came out before Disneyland, or a new animated and Oscar-nominated tune, this song will immerse you in innocence and happiness, if only for 3 minutes.
  • The rap song that is too loud and makes everybody stare at you – You really want to blast a Drake song, so you decide to play this one. However, your headphones fail you and everybody gets to listen to the Drake song. When he raps that he started from the bottom and now he’s here, your friend will start crying because they started at the bottom and are still there. Thanks, a lot, Drake.



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