The Necessary Twitter Follows


Who to follow on Twitter and Why

by Amanda Luberto


We all love our musicians and the rad music they make, but ever wanted an in on what the best of the best are doing? Here are the top 10 (in no particular order) musical artists that are well worth the Twitter follow.

10. Artist: ?uestlove (@questlove)

Why: The famous musician from Jimmy Fallon’s band The Roots is all about photos. Instas of some of the coolest celebrities that brush by him are all over his twitter and come nearly on the daily.

9. Artist: Childish Gambino (@DonaldGlover)

Why: For as much popularity has he’s gained in the past year or two, Childish is always willing to answer a fan. King of the quote tweet, Donald Glover, is one of the best follows on twitter.

8. Artist: Lorde (@lordemusic)

Why: Our most recent favorite New Zealand lady has one of the most relatable twitter accounts. Tweets like “sidenote i ask my fans if i can take photos of them and i know this is strange la la goodnight” remind us that this rock star is only 17.

7. Artist: Patrick Carney (@patrickcarney)

Why: Black Keys drummer Patrick Carney talks about some of the coolest things in music like words he hates hearing in an album review and what is the best new song to listen too. Personally I like when he discusses politics and cats, but that’s just me.

6. Artist: The Colourist (@thecolourist)

Why: This Orange County band is obsessed with vine and their fans. When on tour, their twitter is draped with photos of fans in line with only the highest admirations.

5. Artist: St Vincent (@st_vincent)

Why: This little darling star is followed and admired by some of the best names in Hollywood and for good reason. She tweets things just as off landish as her music, like “My Spring look is, ‘I have an 8 o’clock dinner reservation on the moon.’” and recently about her love for Nirvana being inducted into the Rock n Roll hall of fame.

4. Artist: Best Coast (@best_coast)

Why: Lead singer Bethany Cosentino is in charge of this one and is all about fan interaction. Follow for a funny retweet, an update of their escapades on tour (recently just asked if anyone knew where to get Jell-O shots in Gainesville) and tweets just as beautiful and angsty as their music.

3. Artist: Tyler the Creator (@fucktyler)

Why: Member of OFWGKTA tweets strictly in caps no matter the tweet. Sample favorites include “YOU CANT BUY A WHALE FOR A MUSIC VIDEO” and “I’M GOING TO PUT A SLIDE IN MY ROOM AND YOU HAVE TO CLOCK IN AND TAKE S**T SERIOUSLY”. The Creator is also always good for an extraordinarily zoomed in photo posted to instagram, which will always make you laugh.

2. Artist: Kanye West (@kanyewest)

Why: Despite the fact that Kanye hasn’t been on twitter much since the birth of his child North, knowing that no one loves Kanye more than Kanye is a necessity. The rap artist is surprisingly calm and respectful on social media. Not many photos, but always a shout out to the next big project he has brewing.

1. Artist: Ezra Koenig (@arzE)

Why: My personal favorite. Frontman for alternative band Vampire Weekend is like a kid in a candy shop on twitter. There is a low chance he’ll tweet you back, but he’ll occasionally retweet something if it brings him a chuckle. His pop culture references and obsession with the word selfie are enough to keep following him. With tweets like “low selfie-esteem” and “when i die, plz @ me in ur remembrance tweets. perhaps i will be a ghost in the machine and they will bring me pleasure…” Ezra keeps you asking, “Why does this man have access to the internet? Who approved that?” Don’t believe me? There’s a Buzzfeed page on the 27 reasons why you need to follow him. Now that’s official.