Unsuspected Similarities: Haim vs. Destiny’s Child

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Unsuspected Similarities

by Amanda Luberto


It is agreed between nearly everyone who has ever listened to music that Destiny’s Child is the greatest all female group ever. Obviously Beyoncé, Michelle Williams, and Kelly Rowland will always take the cake, but something I noticed recently is that the new sister band Haim has a lot of the same characteristics. Sounds crazy, but read the connections first.


  • Girls group: The unity of sister ladies is a definite factor in both Haim and Destiny’s Child. The strength in the girl power drives both of these bands.
  • 70s funk: Both bands have very stylistically 70s bass lines and inspired music videos. Songs like “Bootylicious” by Destiny’s Child and “If I Could Change Your Mind” by Haim bring funky reminiscent sounds to the airwaves.
  • Stylish: There is no denying that every member of Destiny’s Child had unsurpassable style. Some of the fashion statements that the 90s all girl band made publically lead them to fame in more than one way. As for Haim, you could mistake each and everyone one of those girls for H&M models. Their CD cover could be confused for a spread in a trendy fashion magazine today.
  • Women empowerment: Both of these bands send the message to girls that they are completely capable of being successful and strong without anyone’s help. Survivor reads: “I’m a survivor, I’m not gon’ give up, I’m not gon’ stop, I’m gon’ work harder” and Days are Gone expresses: “And I got back up, When I lost control over it all, over it all, and I knew I couldn’t take no more”


  • Sisters versus Friends: Haim contains the 3 Haim sisters and a drummer and as they say, sisterhood is a bond that cannot be broken. Though they acted like sisters, Destiny’s Child simply consisted of best friends. A fact that probably made Beyoncé’s rice easier.
  • Indented audience: Haim came out with the full knowledge to shoot for the alternative crowd. Their debut song “The Wire” has gained leverage on the top 40 hits list, but the entire album is appreciated by the alt world. Destiny’s Child aimed right at the top knowing their addictive hooks would reach right to #1.
  • The Queen B Effect: Though they consistently said that “no one would go solo”, Destiny’s Child developed a hierarchy as Beyoncé started her reign as Queen B. Of course these things cannot be predicted after the first album, but the likely hood of one of the Haim sisters breaking off and becoming as big as Beyoncé is very slim.

Though I doubt Haim will ever get on the level that Destiny’s Child was on, I applaud the amazing alt group for coming close. But for now, at least the fact that Haim is signed to Jay-Z’s label keeps the two flawless bands connected.