Natural Child: “Dancin’ With Wolves”


Natural Child 

“Dancin’ With Wolves”

[Burger Records, 2014] 

by Taylor Gilliam


Take your basic old-style rock, add in some 70s throwback keyboard and a dash of Southern twang, and you’ve got Dancin’ With Wolves, the first album from Natural Child’s new five-piece lineup.

The Nashville band has released music before—they’ve been putting out a record or two every year since 2010 and have played literally hundreds of shows because that was the condition on which guitarist Seth Murray insisted before agreeing to sign on.  This time, though, they’ve added keyboards and a pedal steel for a “fuller and more colorful” sound.

Dancin’ With Wolves starts out with chill track “Out in the Country,” easing you into the album and the experiments the band is about to unveil, and you can hear that keyboard shine in the ending instrumental section.  “Don’t the Time Pass Quickly” follows, and it brings you back to the band’s Tennessee roots; they haven’t strayed too far with their new instruments but indeed evolved from the simpler country garage rock of previous records.

Honky tonk track “Saturday Night Blues” is where the album really hits home, and it’s just plain fun.  On the B-side, things slow down, and you start to wonder if the record as a whole is supposed to be the soundtrack of a memorable night with its classic bar songs that fade into contemplative driving or bonfire music.

It’s country, but it’s got a definite twist, and the uniqueness of sound sets it apart.  Give it a listen.


  • “Bailando Con Lobos”
  • “Saturday Night Blues”