The Naked And Famous: “In Rolling Waves”



The Naked And Famous

In Rolling Waves

[Somewhat Damaged, 2014]

by Amanda Luberto


New Zealand synth-pop alternative band The Naked and Famous released their sophomore album In Rolling Waves in September of 2013. Though very different from the band’s first album Passive You, Aggressive Me, In Rolling Waves has all the makings of a fantastic record.

It is obvious when listening to their second album that the kiwi quintet grew up a lot. The music is less sugar-coated and more raw, more mature, and more personal. It’s easy to tell that the band put a lot more of themselves into this album, which makes it incredibly beautiful.

A post-break up sob song that illuminates the vocal ability of lead singer Alisa Xayalitn like “We Are Leaving” can have you on your knees and pensively thinking of every choice that lead you up to that point, but follow that up with another track like “I Kill Giants” that plays the perfect end-of-the-night anthem, and you have an addictive alternative album.

The two years it took to develop this album was worth all efforts. Harmonization on tracks like “Waltz” between Xayalitn and other front man Thom Powers are second to none. The Naked and Famous worked with producers of big names like Justin Meldal-Johnsen, who had previously worked with acts such as Beck, in order to concoct the perfect musical remedy.

The Naked and Famous immediately went on tour with LA band The Colourist after the release of In Rolling Waves, but is currently traveling with Imagine Dragons.

Recommended tracks:

– “Rolling Waves”

– “I Kill Giants”

– “What We Want”