St. Vincent: “St. Vincent”



St. Vincent

St. Vincent

[Loma Vista/Republic, 2014]

by Alex Watts


Not many things are close to perfection, but the new St. Vincent album is sure close to it.

Recently, I became more enchanted by her sound from her sounds from the album “Actor”. Every note that came through my earbuds further transformed me more into a fan. Her self titled latest album is her first venture into release after her 2011 collaboration with David Byrne.

The sounds on this song were along the side of M.I.A. like funk. It makes the dance easily accessible to busting a move. If dancing is not your thing, St. Vincent’s lyrics are wonderful.

St. Vincent mixes Haim vocals and a Debbie Harry spirit to tracks that stand out. A problem for many an album is in having the songs keep along with the album’s theme, they all end up sounding the same. St. Vincent reminds me of Carole King – you know her songs by her signature touches, but each track hits an original chord.

“Prince Johnny” was my favorite track from the album, and definitely is worth a listen. However, the album is streaming at NPR. Listening to the album is a cohesive experience. It is 40 minutes of pure magic.

She’s your next obsession, I promise.

She brings you in with simple and ethereal music, hits you with her Cults/Sleigh Bells noise guitar, but keeps you there because she is a queen.

St. Vincent asks if she is the only one. The answer to that is yes. She is the only one who can maintain a songbird status amongst futuristic sounds and still make a beautiful record.