Beck: “Morning Phase”



Morning Phase

[Capitol Records, 2014]

by Nikita Satapathy

Beck has always been sort of an enigma. His sounds range from folksy to alternative, so you can never quite put a finger on just what sort of music he might make next. Morning Phase, Beck’s twelfth studio album, proudly follows that trend. He employs acoustic sound and a wide range of effects for a listening experience that very few artists can create.

A definite stand-out track on the album is the lead single, “Blue Moon”. It is significantly upbeat compared to the rest of the album and Beck’s voice is positively haunting. He croons for company and acceptance amidst a setting of songbirds and vagabonds. The song deserves to be on a road trip playlist.

Morning Phase continues onward with soothing tracks that provide easy listening to the ears. “Waking Light”, the second single, is luminous with sounds that are reminiscent of an award-winning film score. “Say Goodbye” is simple – Beck accompanied by a guitar – and yet so memorable. “Unforgiven” oozes cool, and yet it is the despair hidden in its words that grabs the listener.

Beck isn’t afraid of releasing a slow album; in fact, it is probably a huge feat that many artists cannot achieve. Morning Phase is a collection of masterpieces that does not scream for attention, and yet it maintains Beck’s grip on the music world without resorting to weird antics or heavy promotion.