Surfer Blood Returns to PHX on October 14th.

Surfer Blood


by Taylor Gilliam

If one were to tell John Paul Pitts and Tyler Schwarz in high school that they would be part of a rising tide of an alternative music project, they would have scoffed.  The now-band-members of Surfer Blood admit to disliking each other in younger years, but they really “clicked” when playing together later on.  At an Ultra Music Awards afterparty in Miami at which the boys met Thomas Fekete, the group was formed and the goals defined.  “We’re going to finish this record and tour nonstop,” Fekete informed Pitchfork News.  So they paddled out to sea.  Not that any of them surf- the band’s name came from a conversation between Schwarz and Pitt about a surfer backpack the former had in high school.  Soon after, a highly inebriated Schwarz shouted the new name over and over; it was a much better idea than previously suggested Jabroni Sandwich.  With their new christening, then, they set to work in a studio recording percussion and tackled vocals, guitars, and final details in Pitts’ apartment.  The result was Astro Coast, a collection reminiscent of garage band pieces spotted with synthesized dream pop undertones.  Kanine Records released the album in 2010, and it made the Billboard Top 200 Albums list at #124.  From there, the boys rode the wave of fame.  SXSW, ATP Music Festival, and San Miguel Primavera Sound Festival were just a few of their stops in the summer of 2010 alone.  They told Pitchfork that they loved running around and playing multiple shows a day and that New York City was simply inspiring.  Perhaps their love of the big city was one of the reasons the band traveled to Chicago to bond and to write their songs collectively rather than in pieces like for Astro Coast.  They emerged with a new track list pumped full of their unique sound: Pythons, recorded in the same studio as The Beach Boys’ Pet Sounds and released in June of this year“Pythons is the perfect soundtrack to a summer road trip,” the band’s site biography claims, but the biographer is not the only one who has a say.  The boys are playing The Crescent Ballroom on October 14th, continuing to live their original dream of nonstop touring.  Check out Surfer Blood then.  See if you, too, think that they’re bloody brilliant.